Bulut Construction Chairman of The Board, Temel Bulut was asked below questions for Global Real Estate Magazine interview.
-As Bulut Construction, you are carrying out Evviva projects with the concept “This is my home” (‘Ev bu işte’). Could you please specify the basic features of your project?
Our projects which we are carrying out within EVVIVA concept, we aim at offering a brand new lifestyle. We create a sense of harmony between experience, dynamism, innovation and technology. We create new habitats in an effort to make places meet every need of inhabitants. With our citizenship consciousness and corporate responsibility, we aim at offering the most convenient result in an innovative approach, through reasonable pricing. 
-You have several projects under the concept “Evviva”. Which one of these is actively inhabited? 
Evviva Residence project has been finished and the owners of the apartments have received their apartments by 12/2011. 
-One of your projects is Evviva Tower, which functions both as a shopping mall and accommodation. What is the square meter price for the commercial area and accommodation area?
Evviva Tower features 1+1 65m², 2+1 110m² and 3+1 140m² apartments. We are not yet selling the commercial use section.
-What are the main differences between your projects and others? 
Most distinguishing property of our projects is that we offer the residents of our projects a habitat that features modern and authentic architectural features. Social interaction areas in our projects are wide as %70. 
-How about the social infrastructure and green areas?
As we value and put emphasis on social life, we keep %70 of our projects for social infrastructure and green areas. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness center and saunas, playgarden for children, kindergarten, animal shelters, health cabins and veterinaries are available on every project of ours.
-What are the projects which are available on sale now?
Evviva Yaşam Merkezi, Evviva Tower, Evviva İnci, Evviva Home and Evviva Queen are the projects available in İstanbul- Esenyurt. As for Cyprus; available projects are Evviva Lavinium and Evviva Green City.
-What do you think of the law of reciprocity that has been released by early summer? 
Law of reciprocity was a necessity. For Turkey to be among the leading countries, we must let the leaders of the world in to Turkey. Naturally such foreigners need the rights to buy and sell estates as well as business offices. They would presumably come with their assistants and executive counselors. Therefore the law of reciprocity having been passed, this will be beneficiary not only for Turkey but also for estates market.
-What are the problems which relate to licensing and deed of ownership on Esenyurt area? Has the problem between construction companies and municipalities been resolved? What is the final status of the issue?
There is no such problem in Esenyurt. Due to the then-ongoing zoning update works, licensing and zoning authorization was suspended. Zoning works has resulted in positive outcomes for us and those who have land in Esenyurt. Now there is no problem. We have started our construction works again and our buildings are rising fast.
-Did you experience any problem in relevance with the licensing problem in Esenyurt?
6 months of suspension in licensing and procedures, had certainly affected every construction company as well as ours. Any construction company has to be ready for such occurrences. What matters most to us, is that we continue our projects’ construction.
-Licensing problem in Esenyurt has brought many construction companies on the brink of stopping. Have you experienced any such problems?
Bulut Insaat had made its projects in compliance with present zoning allowance therefore we had no problems. The outcome has been positive for Bulut Construction. However for some other construction companies the situation may not be the same.
-Bulut Construction seems to have concentrated its works on certain regions only. (i.e. Evviva Lavinium in Cyprus, Evviva GreenCity and other Evviva projects in Esenyurt) What is the reason behind? 
The reason why we have projects in Cyprus is that we believe we have a brotherhood with Cyprus. Besides, required ground for bigger investments has been established in Cyprus and the potential is grand. We believe that larger companies should start investing in Cyprus.
-Both investors and those who want to own a house are attracted by your reasonable prices. Do you think you are pulling down the square meter price in Esenyurt? 
1000-1300 TL has been our setting point during the process of defining the prices per square meter. We are setting a good example for the estates market through our price&payment policies. Making more people own their own houses is one of our corporate objectives.