-Istanbul is a migration-receiving city; wouldn’t your campaign increase this?

What we aim is not about receiving migration. We make our projects in an effort to create well planned, habitable living environments that facilitate socializing within the complex. Accordingly, our projects feature playgarden for children, swimming pools and sports facilities. 

-Do you think this sale campaign of yours shall set a good example for the other real estate companies?

We would like it to set a good example for them. We would appreciate any companies contributing to our efforts to create a young nation. 

- Do you think the government should encourage families to have 3 children? 

Provided that every family has 3 children, Turkish nation has the chance to remain a young and dynamic society. If every family has 1 or 2 children, after a while Turkish nation may become an old and passive one.

- What would you say, as Bulut Construction, about construction market in general?

In the near future, there will be a lack of housing in estate market. We have a high count of young population and they will need housing solutions. Therefore are the urge and the need to build new apartments.