Bulut Construction, who gives alternative essences to cities, becomes the center of attraction with its new Bahçeşehir project Nirvana. The project Evviva Nirvana offers apartments from 129,000TL and villas from 1,800,000TL. %15 advance payment and 30 months of installments, %25 advance payments and 40 months of installments, %50 advance payment and 60 months of installments are a few available options.
Due to the possibility of earthquake, we have built this complex in full compliance with Earthquake Regulation 2007. Along with being sound and secure; this project allows its residents enjoy their free time within the site. Here are some impressive details of the project.

Nirvana is a Bulut Construction project at which a variety of accommodation from residences to villas, for a variety of budgets and lifestyles. Nirvana is a project which is nominated to be the new city center with its land area of 42,966 m2. Nirvana project with security alarm, earthquake sensor facilities; alongside heat, water and sound insulation which compliments a healthy habitat. 
Nirvana apartments are fit for every need
Nirvana offers villas as well as residences, meeting the needs of different lifestyles and needs. Nirvana apartments are designed to contain 13 floors on each block and to offer 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 apartment options. The complex consists of a total of 7 blocks that consists of 2 residences, 5 blocks of building, and 20 villas.
Apartments are designed at varying widths: 50 m2, 53, 5 m2 and 62,5 m2 and 1+1, 86 m2 or 90,5 m2 also 2+1, 107 m2 as well as 113,5 m2 or 3+1, 450 m2, 455 m2 as well as 460 m2 villas.. 
Bonzai residences are reasonably priced as 1+1 78 m2 116, 953 TL, 2+1 114 m2 170,931 TL and 3+1 135 m2 202, from 419TL. As for the towers in Bahçeşehir, they are designed to be the new trend of the future. There are 2 luxury residences designed as: ground floor +17 floors, and ground floor + 26 floors. Residence tower options are subject to following pricing: 1+1, 70 m2 220,500 TL and 1+1 76 m2 239,400 TL. 2+1 107 m2 337,050 TL, 3+1 142 m2 447,300 TL.

Terrace connects the two towers at the third floor. You can use the terrace to socialize with your neighbors in your new neighborhood or as a dining place. The complex also offers technical rooms, car garage, indoor pool, sauna, Fitness, fitting room, separate showers and Turkish baths for men and women. Nirvana towers with its commercial first three floors, will represent the city life at its best, with accompanying residence floors.

Living in a Villa, is a Privilege When in Bahçeşehir
Another option Nirvana offers is a unique opportunity for those who want to enjoy their garden and pool individually. There are total 20 Nirvana villas in 4 different types. In base floor, there is a garage for two cars, Turkish bath, sauna, shower, laundry room and hobby area. Villas are established on a green site and feature individual fitness area, individual sauna, outdoor pool, and open garage. 
Begonya villas are wide as 450 m2 and are available at 1,620,000 TL, Lillium: 455 m2 1,638,000 TL, Sidelya and Petunya 460 m2 1,656,000 TL. First floor has; 2 bedrooms with special bathrooms ,1 room, 1 parents’ bedroom. There are special bathrooms, jacuzzi, fitting room, shower. Nirvana villas will broaden your perspective of life.

Apartment prices:

1+1 78 m2 116, 953 TL
2+1 114 m2 170,931 TL
3+1 135 m2 202, 419 TL

Residence prices:

2 types of 1+1 are:
1+1. A type, 70 m2 220,500 TL
1+1 B type, 76 m2 239,400 TL
2+1 107 m2 337,050 TL
3+1 142 m2 447,300 TL

Villa prices:

Begonya: 450 m2 1,620,000 TL
Lillium: 455 m2 1,638,000 TL
Sidelya and Petunya 460 m2 1,656,000 TL