Bulut Construction values convenient pricing, comfort and technology on any of the construction projects it has. In the past, the company offered interestingly reasonable payment options such as 10 Lira a day for an apartment through 10 years of installments, 3+1 apartments with a %33 discount for those with 3 children. Having taken part in urban transformation projects, the company now offers an excellent sales campaign. 

As for evviva Nirvana project in Bahçeşehir, %15 advance payment is required and rest is payable upon delivery. Another project, evviva Millennium in Esenyurt, %10 advance payment is required and rest is payable through 60 installments. Evviva RealCity in Tekirdağ is available on “buy today, pay in 10 years with no rate” basis. Evviva Kalamış Villaları project in Cyprus; offers 240 m2 villas for 95.000 GBP, with 10.000 GBP advance payment, and remaining 85.000 GBP payable upon delivery. 
Evviva Nirvana brings a new insight to the notion “apartment”.

Bulut Construction has become the market leader through its conceptual approach in its Works. Now it goes beyond the familiar definitions for “home”. A very privileged lifestyle is aimed in designing of evviva Nirvana which is built on a land area of 43,000m2 with its 2 residence towers, 5 standard type building blocks and 20 special villas.

The building blocks have their indoor car garage, 7/24 security cams with special reception desk, sport areas and indoor/outdoor swimming pools, 7/24 sports facilities availability, health cabins, 7/24 nurse(s), animal shelters and veterinary are available. 
A true habitat, a true city: evviva Real City 

Evviva RealCity of Tekirdağ is a focus of attention with its sea view, features first class materials construction of indoors i.e. kitchen, bathroom and rooms. It reflects the modern city life with 2000 apartments, 100 building blocks to be built on 150.000 m2 of land area. 
The project features 6 main entrances and 40 stores, 2 in-site cafes, around 100 building blocks, and excellent location in central Tekirdağ. Building complex features a closed car garage under it. With its social facilities of any kind above the car garage and sea view and green area, it is a unique place. 

Villas which are fit for Sultans; evviva Kalamış Villaları
Evviva Kalamış Villaları is a unique project situated in Northern Cyprus, meets the needs of those who expect high quality. The project is built on one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus: Çatalköy district. This location is unique in one thing: one side of the area offers brilliant sea view while the other side is mountainous. 5 different villa options aim at adding value to your life and habitat. Featuring green areas and roads on its land area of 150.000 m2, evviva Kalamış Villaları features villas of 700 m2 to 800 m2; each one varying between 240m2 to 310m2. The villas meet all requirements of their resident segment. 

A very large building complex of 105 villas in Çatalköy, situated in 120 decares of land, features play gardens, barbecue ranges, poolside area to be used for engagement or wedding ceremonies, meetings and any large gatherings. Considering the in-site security and health services, this option is truly fit for Sultans.

A very special project in city center; evviva Millenium
Bulut Construction known for considering the use and design aspects of habitats in deep detail offers a habitat right in the heart of the city with its project evviva Millenium. Only at a distance of 20 minutes to the airport; evviva Millenium, allows easy reach to every corner of Istanbul as it is located in parallel to E5 main road. 

Evviva Millenium offers the peace and comfort one would ask for. The project features indoor and outdoor swimming pools, social facilities, fitness, play gardens, seatings in the garden for you to enjoy the tea. Another thing that makes this place special is that its apartment interiors: they’re wide and comfortable. This project offers its benefits at an area where modern building complexes are widely preferred.