By August Bulut Construction started to offer %15 discount and reasonable payment options, which made many people happy. 1+1 residence apartments are made available on install-payments starting from 559TL, at a total price of 60,350TL.
Bulut Construction, one of the leading brands of the construction market, offers house-ownership solutions to make life easier. Particularly with its Evviva project line in Esenyurt. Each Evviva project is designed differently and as Temel Bulut, Chairman says, their delivery is taking place nowadays. 
We have completed the Evviva Residence project and by the end of 2011 we have delivered the houses to their owners. By the year 2012 we will be delivering our Evviva Yaşam Merkezi and Evviva İnci projects and by the year 2013; Evviva Gümüş City and Evviva Home, and by the year 2014; Evviva Tower will be delivered to its owners. Our priority is security, quality and comfort. We will pursue the same targets and success also in our new projects”. 
Bulut Construction contributed to tourism potential of the region through its Cyprus projects after those in Esenyurt. Bulut Construction aims at completing and delivering all its projects within 2 years.
New sales campaigns made it much easier to own a house of your own.
Evviva projects feature security services, transportation convenience, social facilities and wonderful garden arrangement. The project is built in conformance with the latest earthquake regulation. Building statics calculations and ground study has been performed by specialists.
The project features a playgarden for children, sauna, and cafeteria, sports hall, parking garage arrangement per apartment, walking&cycling trail as well as security and social facilities. Bulut Construction has designed the social facilities suitable to be used by the disabled at some of its various projects. 
The projects feature recreational areas, indoor swimming pools and sports center, meeting hall for special purposes. 24 hours of security is provided at some areas and there are security agents, and a lobby.
Besides, the projects are close to TEM and E5 main roads as well as Atatürk Airport and exhibition centers.