Bulut Construction has become the focus of attention with its various estate projects. These innovative building complexes under the title “Evviva” include Evviva Residence, Evviva Yaşam Merkezi, Evviva Gümüş City, Evviva Tower and Evviva İnci, Evviva Home. 
Bulut Construction has become the rising star of estates market and now renowned for its various projects in Esenyurt which has become the real estate center of Istanbul. Each Evviva concept has its unique properties and delivery to the owners has started. Bulut Construction chairman Temel Bulut said “We have delivered Evviva Residence apartments key-ready to their owners, by the end of 2011. 
We will be delivering Evviva Yaşam Merkezi by 2012 and Evviva İnci project, Evviva Gümüş City and Evviva Home by 2013, and Evviva Tower by 2014. We have designed our projects keeping in mind the safety, reliability and quality. We will offer further options for those who want to own their own house through our projects in the future as well. 
After its projects in Esenyurt, Bulut Construction facilitates Cyprus tourism in the area through its Cyprus projects. Within 2 years, Bulut Construction will have delivered all Esenyurt projects.
Evviva Residence 
Bulut Construction created Evviva Residence concept and completed it. Starting with the motto “This is my home!” Bulut Construction brought together the comfort, reliability, convenient transportation and quality. In Istanbul Esenyurt, the project which has been established on a land area of 4870m2; has been delivered successfully to its owners by the date 31 December 2011.
“Life center” at where daily life turns into an art: Evviva Yaşam Merkezi
With its social facilities, security, convenient transportation, wonderful garden arrangement; Evviva Yaşam Merkezi awaits its residents. Evviva Yaşam Merkezi offers unique opportunities having been designed to include convenient facilities for those who are experiencing the busy metropolitan life.
Evviva Yaşam Merkezi will feature a lobby, security agents, and 24hr camera system at particular locations around the building. 
Evviva Yaşam Merkezi‘s soil exploration and static calculations have been performed by specialists and the project has been built in compliance with the latest earthquake regulations. 
Recreational areas, indoor swimming pool, sports center, sauna, cafeteria, fitness center are featured in this project, as well as a meeting hall for special purposes. 
Evviva Yaşam Merkezi has 4 medical personnel, 1 veterinary, 11 security agents, 8 cleaning staff, and 3 gardeners for garden arrangement. Project will be delivered to its owners on 31st December 2012.
Home and residence concepts unified: Evviva Tower and Evviva Gümüş City.
Bulut Construction has completed the Evviva Gümüş City project which has %75 green area on 28,000m2 land area, and 2,600 apartments on it. Evviva Gümüş City has already been sold out and Evviva Tower’s sales are in progress. Esenyurt, where Evviva Tower is located, is the place which is preferred the most by top brands of construction market. Along with home and residence concepts, there is a shopping mall with 120 commercial spaces in it.
Evviva‘s soil exploration and static calculations have been performed by specialists and the project has been built on a raft foundation accompanied by tunnel formwork and in compliance with latest earthquake regulation. 
Evviva Tower features indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sunbathing area, fitness center, sauna, tennis court, volleyball pitch, running&walking&cycling parkours, cafeteria, kindergarten and 24 hours security.
Besides, the projects are situated close to TEM and E-5 main roads as well as Atatürk Airport and exhibition centers.
Gümüş City shall be delivered to its owners by 30th September 2013, as for Tower it will be delivered by 30th June 2014.
Evviva İnci. As the word “İnci” suggests, it is the new “pearl” of Esenyurt.
Temel Bulut stated that total number of Bulut Construction’s apartments will be 10.000 along with the new project and by the year2012, the project EVVİVA İNCİ as well has been brought to sale. Mr. Bulut stated that it will be an 11floor building with 1+1 and 2+1 apartments. The project will be rising on a shopping mall with four floors. Our Esenyurt projects are strengthening each other. We have been effective in making the square meter price more affordable. When we build a sum of 15,000 apartments, we will start designing new projects for some new places. 
EVVİVA İNCİ is a special complex in the region in regard to its social facility areas which will make you feel special. TEM and E-5 highways are at 2 minutes of distance and Atatürk Airport is at 17 km distance. Therefore it is very close to center which makes it of precious value for investment purpose. The location allows one to use a variety of means of transportation conveniently.
Bulut Construction will add variety to what Cyprus can offer in the name of tourism.
Bulut Construction well renowned as the rising name in the estates market continues its investments in Cyprus besides the ongoing projects in Esenyurt. Bulut Construction started with Evviva Lavinium project and aims at constructing 2 hotels and 2 residences in the area. All arrangements being ready for this, Bulut Construction has a variety of special reasons to choose Cyprus. Cyprus has a very habitable climate. This makes it recognized for entertainment based tourism along with casinos being abundant. However, its touristic value should not be limited to that, as it is at present. Accordingly Bulut Construction has decided to establish Evviva Lavinium project to attract people from both Anatolia and abroad, and succeeded in that. Bulut Construction Chairman Temel Bulut said “Cyprus is our brother country and at present it has the required basis to be invested in. The potential of the area is huge. Hence we have decided to produce projects for the region, therefore establishing an alternative tourism area. We will establish a mass housing complex in here and add volume and value to Cyprus’ tourism. One of our hotels will be established on a land area of 130 decares and the other one on a land area of 180 decares. Especially inside the hotels there will be no casinos or alcohol, therefore a more conservative concept. 
The foundation of the construction shall be laid this year and in 2014 there will be the opening therefore contributing to Cyprus’s tourism.