Bulut Construction has become well known for its innovative and interesting projects. Bulut Construction is on t now building a new habitat between Kyrenia and Nicosia. EVVİVA LAVINIUM represents the rising living standards of Northern Cyprus. With the employment opportunities it will offer and developed social facilities. 
A new city emerges in the city
Sınce 1987, Bulut Construction has become the focus of attention with its interesting projects such as %33 discount for families with 3 children and its 5th project in Esenyurt, which is Evviva İnci. As for now, Bulut Construction makes its way to Cyprus, and creates the project EVVİVA LAVINIUM between Kyrenia and Nicosia. The complex consists of 750 houses and is becoming the new shining star of Northern Cyprus. It features large socializing areas of common use, special area for a first school and four swimming pools.
Outside the turmoil of the big city life, yet located close enough to central points of the city; EVVİVA LAVINIUM is quite appealing with its 3+1, 140 square meters apartments. The project meets every need of its resident and features a garage for every apartment, ceramic or laminated flooring options, and hydrophore. Just as its other projects, Bulut Construction has given importance to common use areas in EVVİVA LAVINIUM as well. The project features 4 different swimming pools, first school area along with indoor and outdoor areas of common use, to make you feel the comfort of the city without the hassle of it.

A Prestigious Investment: Evviva LAVINIUM provides both dwelling and business solutions
Not only with its apartments but also with its social areas of common use, Evviva Lavinium is a well-distinguished project. Such areas feature offices and stores so as to meet the needs of the residents of the building complex. With shops and stores located within common use areas; the building complex offers employment solutions as well for its residents. 

Easy payment options are made available, via up to 10 years of installments.
Bulut Construction offers the great chance becoming house owners through this project which consists of 3+1 apartments. Bulut Construction makes it quite affordable via up to 10 years of installments. No rate applies to original cost of the apartments in regard to installments. By the end of the year 2013; the project will allow many citizens of limited budgets to become house owners through easy terms of payment without applying any rate.