Our mothers are dearest to us.

Being our reason of existence, our mothers with compassion and selflessly caring for us, are no doubt unique people to whom we truly owe. Showing that we are thankful is all our effort in this campaign of ours. 

Bulut Construction wants to make mothers’ day a more special day this time. Those families, who lost their most precious soul or got injured while defending our country, are offered %50 discount.

Our aim with this sales campaign is to provide the families of martyrs and veterans with housing. The campaign shall last 10 days and consists of 300 apartments.

We sincerely express our gratitude to all mothers, especially those who lost their sons in Çanakkale, Kıbrıs, Sarıkamış, Korea and other places where our nation has fought brave wars.

Chairman of the Board
Temel Bulut

Campaign Details:

Mother of a martyr shall receive %50 
Mother of a veteran shall receive %30 
Mothers’ day discount %20