It became the starting point when we set forth for the new projects, as Bulut Construction

Our staff and company, who have always wanted to present the best for years, have made thousands of people who needed houses, owners of their new homes. And when the time came, we started to realize the projects one by one.

EVVIVA became the exact definition for "Yasasin Evim" (the name of the project, which has a meaning similar to 'Home Sweet Home'). The exclamation of celebrating a good project and a beautiful house. EVVIVA!

Our staff has got certain features in accordance with their areas. These features, supporting the project at the various categories and times, make us better than our opponents. At this point, we would like to emphasize the success of our sales and marketing department, and the system applied at EVVIVA projects. Our staff has determined thousands of people who wanted to have quality areas of living by examining their purchasing power. In accordance, they have brought about a sale strategy by seeing the fact that the unusual offers would draw attention and be accepted.

The project "Günde 10 Liraya Ev" ( A House for 10 Liras A Day) has come to existence this way. The Family of Bulut Construction, who believed that everyone had the right to live well, started to enhance unexpectedly much with the start of this campaign. That was because the living areas had the quality which deserves attraction, prices were attractive, and the assurance of Bulut Construction was the matter.

And the first project of Bulut Construction Evviva came to life with the name of Evviva Residence. With its location, design, campaign and sympathy, it drew so much attention that all the apartments had been sold in a short time. The success of the first Evviva concept drew the attention of media, too. Evviva, which set the agenda especially with its campaign of house for 10 TLs a day, became preferred for everyone with its unusual campaign types, safe and specially-designed houses.

Our experience of a quarter-century, continues with our important projects, meanwhile building up strength. Bulut Construction, all around Turkey, continues to carry out projects which convert the targets of the founder into the dreams of all citizens. Good quality buildings, completed by technology and comfort, are in sales campaigns which have not been seen before, and made families and people happy.

Bulut Construction who works for the conveniences and comfort of people and, at the same time, takes its actions with the consciousness of social responsibilities, besides living areas, Bulut Construction continued to carry out different projects. Parks and gardens which were built have complimented the city’s beauty. Police and military office buildings have become the best examples of state buildings and therefore drew lots of public interest.

Evviva projects are proceeding without slowing down. Evviva Residence was followed by Evviva Yasam Merkezi, Evviva Gumus City, Evviva Tower, Evviva Inci, Evviva Green City and Evviva Lavinium. Rising Evviva's were like social life landmarks in the heart of the city life.

Our Istanbul-centred settlement is carrying on its activities by making a decision of investment in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Inviting an expert in art of construction, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is progressing, with Bulut Construction assurance, to realize projects and create habitats which are suitable for the Mediterranean context, and which are meanwhile able to remain as memorial, aesthetic, strong, functional and beautiful, as well.

The projects which drew attention from both Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, took their place in building sector as important milestones.

In addition to being an expert of building art, Bulut Construction is also an expert of converting small saving and hopes into big investments and values.

This journey will go on with you.